Internet marketing is not something that all roofers think about when deciding how to compete for more business in their communities.

Any business can advertise, but internet marketing for roofers involves a more specialized approach to generate high-quality leads that are increasingly likely to turn into actual customers.

Among the more challenging parts of internet marketing for roof companies is the fact that marketing trends do change every year, even for roofers.

To make the most of every dollar spent on internet marketing, roofers should gain at least a basic understanding of how to market their companies most cost-effectively, and with the greatest success. 

Webinar: 2022 Internet Marketing Blueprint for Your Roofing Company!

In this webinar presented by Chris Hunter of, roofers can gain an understanding of effective internet marketing for roofers and how to approach it for their company in just one hour.

It discusses the 4R Marketing System for Roofers, and the importance of Reputation, Reach, Reselling, and Referrals, and how to make all of those details work specifically for roofing companies.

The webinar discusses everything from how to build brand awareness and a positive reputation within a community, to gaining results - and customers - using social media, email marketing, and other proven techniques that work within a roofer internet marketing campaign.

This informative webinar goes on to detail a practical plan for moving ahead with internet marketing for roofing companies with 6 easy points of focus that any roofing service owner can tackle on their own.

Roofing business owners will also find downloadable freebie resources in the video as well as additional information on Chris’ new podcast and book on internet marketing for roof companies, all developed to help local roofing contractors succeed. 

Internet Marketing for Roofers

For any roofing business owner wondering what they can do to attract more customers in their community and be the one that neighbors call, this and future webinars and tip videos from can help.

Internet marketing for roofers is necessary marketing that can be easier, and more cost-effective with a little bit of essential knowledge and a great blueprint for getting more jobs in 2022!

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