A new year is here and for every roofing company, that new year should start the same way.

To become more successful in the new year, every contractor should first assess their digital marketing successes and failures in the past year, then use that information to create new business and marketing goals for the new year.

Goal setting is essential for growing any roofing business, as it offers a way to not just plan out effective digital marketing strategies but to monitor their effectiveness along the way.

Setting good business and roofing marketing goals in 2023 can help any contractor get more jobs and be more successful.

What Is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is the part of digital marketing that allows roofing company owners to picture what business success might mean to them, then outline the steps required to get there.

It involves setting feasible long-term and short-term goals that, when used to base their digital marketing campaigns, can increase business and make the company more profitable.

From a company’s BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal to their monthly or even weekly goals, they all matter in the gradual process of business growth and success.

How Is Goal Setting for Roofers Done?

In this week’s roofer’s workshop video, Chris from RoofingSites.com addresses the importance of goal setting for roofers planning out their digital marketing strategies for the year and how it can be achieved.

He introduces the S. M. A. R. T. or Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely method of analyzing marketing needs, then planning them for the future as a means of setting measurable and achievable business goals as well as how to define the “rocks” or specific goals necessary to do all of this.

Using the simple yet valuable tips presented in this 20-minute workshop, Chris provides essential teachings that can help every roofing contractor assess their success over the past year, then build on that with achievable goals for 2023 and beyond.

It is a marketing lesson that no roofing company owner should miss!

Learn More About Goal Setting For A Prosperous 2023

Whether a roofing contractor’s marketing goals are as simple as getting more leads or as complex as expanding into more service areas, successful marketing plans start with good goal setting.

The digital marketing planning strategies presented in this week’s video can help any roofer understand the easiest ways to set those goals and then achieve them one-by-one.

Plus for any contractor interested in some one-on-one help with their goal setting for 2023 or any other part of their digital marketing planning, Chris offers a complimentary marketing call to help contractors get started as well as a free copy of his book, "The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Roofers".

To learn more and get started with 2023 goal setting, watch the video and then reach out to Chris at RoofingSites.com!

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