The key to converting more roofing leads and getting more sales is effective lead nurturing to progress them through the sales funnel.

Unfortunately, due to incomplete lead nurturing strategies as well as a failure to understand that not all leads are the same, most roofers are not getting the sales they should be. 

What Is A Good Conversion Rate?

A good conversion rate is 40 to 50% of all incoming leads.

Most roofers are getting only about 10% conversion regardless of their marketing investment, so where is the breakdown happening?

First, to apply optimal effective lead nurturing efforts, it is essential to identify different types of incoming leads and separate them into specific nurture campaigns.

Then once those leads are classified, specific lead nurturing techniques should be applied to the different groups. 

Do You Know The Different Types of Incoming Leads?

In this week’s roofer’s marketing video, Chris from discusses the different types of incoming leads that roofers gain from their online marketing campaigns and how they need to be handled to successfully convert them.

It is an information-packed 10-minute lead nurturing video that ties together a few points from some previous videos by illustrating their importance for collectively acting on all types of leads.

Chris highlights how and where roofers are losing sales by letting them fall out of the sales funnel and what 3 lead nurturing strategies can be used to not just keep them in it, but actually convert them.

One of the main reasons why many roofers feel as though their marketing investment is wasted and not worth the cost comes down to lower-than-expected lead conversion rates.

The truth is, the reason this happens is due mainly to a lack of lead nurturing services put forth once the leads come in.

Unless each lead is nurtured the way it needs to be, the chance to convert it diminishes; however, using just 3 simple efforts, roofers can keep more of their leads active and eventually turn them into sales.

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