It’s no secret that many roofing company owners don’t know a whole lot about how to effectively market themselves to get their phones ringing, which is why many turn to marketing firms like to get the help they need.

That help can go a lot further when roofers take some time to read some of these best marketing books for roofing companies so they understand the how, what, and why of marketing for roofers.

I’m a book geek - I admit it and here’s why.

I firmly believe that every successful business owner, especially those in highly competitive markets like roofing, needs to constantly be educating themselves, growing, and learning.

The absolute best way to do this is by reading books.

Yes, reading books can take a lot of time, time that may be scarce for many business owners; however, it’s really beneficial when owners can make the time to read, even just a few titles that can help them with their marketing goals.

Here's What You Need - A List of Best Books for Roofers!

That’s why I’ve decided to help out by compiling this list of best books for roofers to point local roofing contractors in the right direction.

I’ve done the pre-screening already and collected this list of the best books for roofing companies that I think will give contractors the most value without wasting their precious time.

Since my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to help 100 roofing companies double their sales by December 31, 2025, I wrote this blog post to help the roofing company owners that come into my world get better.

Look over my “best of the best” list of marketing books for roofers and go through some of them.

The list is updated for 2022 and contains some of the best and most current resources that can help any contractor understand marketing for roofers and what they, with the help of, can achieve with effective local marketing.

As I read books that I think belong on this list, I plan to add them so keep checking back.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Roofers by Chris Hunter – My book. Yes, it’s gratuitous to add it to this list, but hey, it’s my list and I think every roofing company owner needs to read this book! I wrote it putting all of my knowledge on how I help roofers succeed in business, so I think it’s the best place to start on this list of best books for roofing companies.
  2. Get a Grip by Gino Wickman – This book outlines EOS (Entrepreneurs Operating System) in a story (or parable) format. Read this one first, and then read Traction.
  3. Traction by Gino Wickman – This is the blueprint for EOS. Make sure you read Get a Grip first and then this book when you want to implement EOS.
  4. Profit First for Contractors by Shawn Van DykeProfit First is awesome, especially since it’s written specifically for roofing contractors.
  5. Storybrand by Donald Miller – This book helps you create clear messaging that positions you, the business owner, as the guide for your customers instead of the hero of the story. They become the heroes when they make the right buying decision - contracting your business!
  6. Marketing Made Simple by Donald Miller – This book simplifies the exact process to build an awesome marketing framework for your company.
  7. New Sales. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg – A book on increasing sales that is pretty awesome.
  8. The Ultimate Sales Machine — Chet Holmes – This is one of my favorite sales books of all time.
  9. Amp Up Your Sales by Andy Paul – Another really good book about increasing sales through effective marketing.
  10. The Introverts Edge by Matthew Pollard – As an introvert myself, I completely identified with this book and Pollard’s hypothesis that introverts make better salespeople. Great for business owners who don’t feel comfortable in the salesperson’s role.
  11. Two Second Lean by Paul Akers – If you want your operations to run like a well-oiled machine, read this book.
  12. Systemology by David Jenyns – We all know we need to systemize our business, but how in the world do we actually do that? Read this book and learn how.
  13. The E-Myth Contractor by Michael Gerber – This is a great book that reveals why most roofing contractors' businesses don’t work and what to do about it. Though it is more of a manual about business mindset and planning, this all plays into marketing in various ways.

So, there it is - my recommended list of best books for roofing companies.

It may seem long at thirteen titles, but I don’t expect every roofer to read every book in a week, either.

Just know that for every one of these books that roofing contractors read, they will gain more knowledge about marketing themselves to become the local roofing company that gets all the calls.

These books will also help those interested in working with to be a part of their marketing program as well, not just an observer in it.

Begin Your Reading With My Book!

Start out with my book, The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Roofers, and work your way through the list as you can.

I’m positive that every business owner who reads even just a few of these best books for roofers will come away with great information for helping their roofing company rise to the top!

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