With the great benefits of Google My Business for roofers outlined in Part 1 of this series, this second part answers the next big question: how can a roofing company get this?

Google My Business marketing starts by simply claiming your roof company’s page on Google, then building it up into the powerful local roofing company website that it can be.

A marketing agency that specializes in GMB pages for roofers can help get yours set up so your roof company can benefit from the most exposure and attract more customers.

Google My Business pages for roofers are sort of a combination between business directory listings and full-service websites.

Fortunately, getting started and then getting your page to perform is easy as long as you follow the site creation practices of experienced GMC marketers who specialize in roofing companies.

Claim Or Create Your Roofing Company's Google My Business Page

When going to Google My Business for the first time, you may already see an unclaimed, generic listing for your roof company.

If there is a listing for your roofing company, claim it and login to make it yours; however, if you do not see a listing for your roof company, just create a new, free business marketing account on Google and create your own GMB roofing company profile.

Once the page is claimed and/or registered, just choose the service area for your roofing company and start adding the other required information so the search algorithm knows exactly what your roof company does, where it is located, and what customers you are trying to attract.

Know What A Great GMB Page for Roofers Should Include

A GMB page is a powerful marketing tool for roofers that can generate leads and draw in new local customers better than many other resources as long as the site is useful and welcoming to those searching.

To ensure that happens, GMC marketing professionals for roofers typically make the business listing page look as close to the real website as possible with an overview header, business branding and contact info, photos, reviews and testimonials, important industry and community attributes, and everything else a full website for roofers would have.

It should be a directory listing version of your regular roof company's home page and give the appearance of an established and trustworthy roofing company.

Use The Important Website Features

Since Google My Business for roofers is on a website that is also a directory listing for roofing companies, the platform offers many useful features that make running the website and your roof company easier.

These features include an updates header to keep new information about roofing regularly displayed on the main page, service features, reviews and testimonials, Q&A section, promotional offer highlights, events calendar, messaging, video embedding, appointment scheduling, and much more.

These features turn your GMB page into a one-stop online website that can make your roofing company more successful without needing to build all of that functionality into a standard website.

Use Built-In Tools for Roofers

In addition to the website features, there are other essential tools that GMB marketers for roofers use to get more from these directory listings, such as roof company locations and linked accounts to handle more than one page at a time, a built-in ad builder and bidder for creating and monitoring ads, roofing keywords, and ad data plus more.

The platform allows you to manage and track everything about your roofing company page to optimize it for SEO and track effectiveness to make easy notifications and reach the right people interested in your roofing services.

Ready To Build A Roof Company Google My Business Listing?

With all these great functions and features, be sure to contact an experienced Google My Business marketing agency for roofers that can start creating your GMB page today.

Other than your regular website and social media accounts, a well-optimized Google My Business page is the one thing needed to run your local roofing company and bring in more customers.

Google My Business marketing for roofers is the best way to win with local online marketing!

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