Are website blogs just a fad or do they actually help SEO content marketing for roofers?

Are they worth the time and money put into them in terms of being a part of successful SEO content marketing strategies for roofing or are they just website padding?

And if content marketing that includes having a blog is so important, how can the average roofing company owner even benefit from that?

Writing blog articles is time-consuming and some of us just don’t have the knack for writing an informative, keyword-rich, optimized blog article. 

You Need to Watch This Video!

In this 5-minute video, Chris Hunter of Roofing Sites talks about why blog content is important for SEO content marketing for roofing companies and he brings the proof!

He explains how posting specific blog article content for each business boosts SEO content marketing strategies for roofing, getting them more attention from the search engine which results in more visibility to local customers looking for roofing services.

By offering informative articles that can be read even by those who are not local, the whole website is viewed as being more valuable by the search algorithm, which then gains more traction in local searches.

It can mean higher pagerank for blog posts as well as website links and more calls coming in from web searchers who are most likely to become new customers.

Every roofing website should have a blog associated with it; however, there is more to SEO content marketing for roofing companies than just putting up any old blog post.

Click the video link and learn in 5 minutes how keywords, content formatting, internal website linking, landing pages, and more can work together to turn any SEO content marketing for roofers into new customers for roofers.

Then reach out and let the marketing specialists at Roofing Sites help get your optimized website and roofing blog started today!

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