Like many other Google products, Google My Business listings offer a lot of bang for the advertising buck, especially when you keep in mind that this service is free for roofing company owners and GMB marketers to use.

One feature the platform offers is attributes for professional listings to help roofing companies really sell themselves to the right customers.

Attributes are a small but powerful GMB feature that should be used by every roof company marketer to create a truly effective GMB roofing company listing that brings in the customers!

What Are Google My Business Attributes?

Attributes are a feature on th Google My Business marketing platform that allows for providing important, searchable details about your roofing company right in your GMB listing.

Similar to tags for blog posts, Attributes allow for tagging and enhancing your roofing company listing with details to help users know what to expect when visiting your roofing company website and also to search using that detail to find local businesses highlighting that attribute.

Why Is Filling Out GMB Listing Attributes So Important?

When GMB marketers fill out the Attributes feature on a roofers' listing, it offers two main benefits to that roofing company:

  • Increases awareness about the specific details customers might be searching for like hours, policies, and accessibility.
  • Builds local brand reputation for roofers by creating credibility.

This is due to the way GMB categorizes both Objective Attributes like actual roofing company service or location details and Subjective Attributes that answer questions such as what is the roof company best known for.

The former is applied by a GMB marketing agency based on your roofing company’s specifics and can be updated by users, while the latter are assigned by the GMB algorithm itself based on provided roofing company profile and location information, user feedback, and other factors.

Given that Attributes are assigned using multiple methods, customers can feel confident that the Attribute listed, whether good or bad, is actually representative of that roofing company.

Considering this, it is worth every roofing company owner's time to use GMB Attributes and do whatever is necessary to keep them accurate and positive.

What Attributes Are Available For GMB Listings?

The Attributes part of a GMB marketing listing are divided into multiple categories that allow roofing companies to provide many relevant and important details that are useful to customers:

  • Health and Safety Attributes - Handicapped accessibility, appointment requirements, safety rules, and more.
  • Service Attributes - Delivery available, curbside or in-store pick-up options, same day service, and more.
  • Highlight Attributes – Roofing company ownerships details, business or association memberships, roofing industry qualifications, and more.
  • Payment Attributes - Forms of payment accepted.
  • Other Attributes - Amenities, specialties, discount policies, and more.

The Value of Google My Business with GMB Attributes

Local roofing company business marketing is challenging.

With your roofing company directly competing with other similar contractors nearby, a well-developed Google My Business roofing company page filled out with all relevant GMB Attributes is an important tool to get your roofing company name out there to more people.

When developed by an experienced GMC marketing agency, Google My Business listings for local roofing companies provide them with the competitive edge needed to be the roofers that customers call or visit!

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