In a previous article, it was discussed how Google My Business marketing can help roofing companies succeed by building brand awareness, reputation, and greater visibility from online reviews.

The question now is: how does a Google My Business marketing agency for roofing companies get more of those valuable reviews to a roofing company page?

Hopefully, these tips will help roofers understand what GMB marketing agencies do to attract more customer reviews so the roofing company can benefit from them!

1. Ask Directly

Whether you do it in an email, on your receipt, on social media, on the front page of your website, or any other way, the first way that GMB marketing for roofing companies recommends generating more reviews is to simply ask your customers for them.

Most people do not realize how important reviews are to small roof companies in helping them prosper.

With reminders and a little direction on where to do it, many customers are more than happy to leave a review.

2. Ask Via Email

There are many important reasons why a roofing company should collect email addresses from their customers and one of those reasons is for their Google My Business marketing.

Send an email following up on their roofing service, then request a review being sure to remember to include the link to the GMB review page!

Use email to create a reminder system to periodically ask non-responders for reviews to help spread the word about the roofing company.

3. Circulate The GMB Review Link

Many times, people do not know where to go to leave a review and most will not take the time to look for it.

Yet GMB marketing agencies for roofing companies do find that some customers are more likely to pause to leave a review if the link to its location is more obvious.

By circulating the link to the review page on Google My Business anywhere possible, like on social media profiles and posts, on website product pages, and anywhere else the roof compony communicates with its customers, it is easier and more convenient for those customers to leave a review.

4. Add Calls-To-Action on Websites

Another way that Google My Business marketing for roofing companies can prompt past customers to leave a review is with CTAs on the roof company's website and also via tracking.

When they visit the site again, they will either see a bold request for a review or even receive a pop-up asking them to rate and review the roofing service they received.

5. Physical Review Cards for Customers

For roofing companies, GMB marketing agencies also suggest leaving physical cards that provide an added touch of customer service - and a request for a review.

These leave-behinds can include information about the service performed, post-service instructions, and then a link to the review page on the roofing company’s GMB profile where they can leave their praise.

6. Follow Up

Following up after a roofing service was performed for them is good customer service.GMB marketing and also a great opportunity to leverage by asking for a review.

Whether follow-up happens via email, a phone call, a text message, or some other way, inquiring about previous interactions provide the perfect opportunity to once again ask for that essential review.

7. Do Great Work

The final and probably the more effective way that any roofing company can generate more reviews is simply to do such great work for their customers that people want to tell others about it.

Some of those reviews may show up on social media or by word-of-mouth recommendations, but by keeping the links to the GMB review page circulating, more satisfied roofing customers will make their way there and leave that influential review.

The More GMB Reviews - The Greater The Visibility

Ultimately, the thing that Google My Business marketing agencies hope to impress on the owners of a roof company is that positive reviews are much more than just reviews.

They are a part of the driving force behind GMB marketing for roofers and other online marketing efforts as well as one of the key elements in successful local brand building.

To get more GMB reviews and take advantage of all of this, team up with a skilled Google My Business marketing agency for roofing companies today!

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