The best way to get more actual conversions from marketing efforts for roofers is with an effective lead nurturing strategy.

Done correctly, this form of customer encouragement gives roof companies an easier way to get more conversions and not just potential customers who end up disappearing before actually making a purchase.

Implement these practices used by roofing company strategy consultants to develop a strong and convincing plan that gets more sales!

1. Get Marketing And Sales On The Same Page

Lead generation and nurturing require input from both the marketing and sales departments of a roofing company, as many times these two groups are at odds over things.

Yet neither can exist without the other and only by working together can prospective roofing customers be located and then converted.

Starting at the beginning, both teams of a roof company must be involved in the planning and development of lead generation and nurturing strategies so that everyone is in the loop and understands how each individual job affects the entire conversion process.

2. Divide Leads Into Marketing Groups

Since potential buyers come in through various parts of the marketing funnel, roofer lead strategy professionals must create individual groups based on need, interest, and other identifying data to continue

Some interested roofing services buyers may be close to converting while others will need more nurturing to get them to that point.

Rather than handling all interested parties in the same blanket way, group them based on the degree and type of nurturing they need to move them down in the funnel and closer to converting.

3. Develop A Lead Nurturing Strategy for Roofers

Once all interested buyers have been divided into units, develop a lead nurturing program for each of those groups.

A roof company strategy that addresses lead generation, timeline, content type and delivery, data tracking, and management through to conversion will keep everyone on track and up to date.

4. Target Roof Company Lead Nurturing Content

After dividing potential customers into units, use that group’s info and point in the conversion process to decide what content to market to them.

An effective lead nurturing strategy for roofers should utilize various types of content yet must be targeted to the specific group.

One size does not always fit all, so roof company marketing content must be considered in the very same way.

5. Develop An Email Drip Campaign

Email automation for roofing companies is one of the top tools for lead nurturing experts to use to stay on top of numerous diverse email groups on different schedules and nurturing plans.

It enables marketers to send personalized roof company emails on predetermined schedules to further move each specific lead group further along in the process.

6. Use Multiple Roof Company Marketing Methods

Another critical factor when managing various lead groups is using a variety of marketing methods for roofers as they apply to each group.

Incorporate as many different contact methods and content offerings as possible including email, social media content, blog posts, targeted freebies, and more, all offered at the best times for each group in order to get the greatest response from these groups.

7. Follow Up On Leads Promptly

At the end of the day, all the lead nurturing in the world does not matter if prospective roofing customers are not promptly acknowledged and then followed up.

Whether that involves adding a potential roofing client into a similar group to be nurtured earlier in the process or sending a direct email or making a phone call later in the process, avoid letting those leads drift away unrecognized.

That final push is many times what is required to make the sale.

Get More Conversions With A Detailed Lead Nurturing Strategy

Generating leads for roofers might be easy; however, converting them is a little more challenging.

A strategy addressing the ideas above will increase the chance of converting a high-quality lead with a little time and effort.

When plans are created by strategy consultants for roof companies that include both the sales and marketing teams in their development and cater to prospective customers at different marketing levels, advancing slowly but surely to the point of conversion is more likely!

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