When asked about lead generation for roofers, most contractors believe that getting more leads involves paying for expensive advertising to attract and gather leads.

Advertising can definitely be an important part of lead generation marketing for roofers; however, it is not the end-all means of getting more customers.

Well-targeted ads are important, but what happens when those ads are failing to produce the desired results?

Should Roofers Use More - or Less - Ads to Compensate?

Contractors commonly do one of two things:

  1. They either spend more money into poorly run advertising campaigns that are not working for them or
  2. They stop advertising altogether, afraid of losing more money.

Neither of these is the right thing to do.

So, how can roofers improve their lead generation strategy and get more work?

Stop Running Expensive Ads!

Believe it or not, lead generation for roofers can be improved without running expensive ads if you go about it the right way and put in the required effort.

In the current RoofingSites.com workshop, Chris Hunter discusses the reasons why roofers fail to generate enough leads and how to correct those issues to create new customers.

He introduces a detailed, referral-based sales system that any roofing contractor can implement, as opposed to more paid advertising, to draw in more sales.

This Roofing Concierge service goes far beyond asking for written reviews from existing customers, helping to expand lead generation for roofers in new ways that you may never have thought of. 

Lead generation marketing for roofers might start with some advertising, but without using the right system to turn leads into more sales, advertising can fall flat.

The good news is that there is a proven system that can help you turn existing leads into more sales and keep building more leads, all without spending more on paid advertising.

Using the RoofingSites.com sales system, this lead generation strategy for roofers can open the door to more sales in new ways, costing only the time it takes to organize your customer data.

Double your roofing business within a year using this effective marketing technique - we’ll show you how!

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