Digital marketing for roofers is fierce these days as more and more roofing companies expand their online presence.

This fact became especially notable in 2021 when the entire roof company landscape changed due to COVID-related business and financial changes.

With so much more competition online especially in local markets, roofers seriously need expert digital marketing strategies to move to the head of the advertising pack in the coming year.

Working with a great digital marketing company, even smaller roofing companies can out-market their competition by implementing these current promotional trends, making 2022 their best year yet!

1. Short-Form Video Marketing Works for Roofers

One thing learned by digital marketing services for roof companies over the past year or two is that video marketing is essential, but only while it can keep the viewer’s attention.

Short-form videos and ads work best at drawing in new readers and converting more new roofing customers.

It works so well at creating engagement and sales that 89% of roofers currently investing in short-form video marketing plan to continue to do so or even expand their budgets.

2. Virtual Events, VR, and AR Are A Big Thing

Another thing that digital marketing companies and their clients learned is that along with video ads, the virtual platform grew in leaps and bounds due to necessity - and people liked it.

Virtual events have become extremely popular and with it, there has been much growth in virtual reality and audio reality.

Promoting by bringing the customer in virtually has been very effective.

3. Branded Audio for Roofing Companies Is Growing

Branded audio like radio ads is also growing exponentially with the explosion of podcasts and audio shows now available.

Audio ads are the perfect addition to other digital marketing campaign methods for roofing companies, allowing small and local roofers to easily be everywhere.

4. Mobile Optimization More Essential Than Ever for Roofers

Digital marketing experts have been saying this for years and it is even more important now.

With more and more searching, researching, and actual buying happening via mobile phones and tablets, mobile optimization, mobile apps, and mobile user-friendliness are critical for competing in the online roofing company business realm today and into the future.

5. Investment in Native Ads Is Growing

Native ads are advertisements placed on pages in such a way that they do not look like ads, but rather a part of the actual page.

The use of these ads in digital marketing roofer campaigns continues to grow as roof companies seek newer and better ways to advertise without disrupting user experience.

Since they do not look like advertising, viewers are less likely to click off the page, with more ads actually getting read and clicked for more info.

6. SEO for Organic Search Is Being Re-Refined for Roof Companies

Another detail that never went away but many have lost focus on is SEO for organic search.

Online marketing for roofers has come full circle now; those who thought they could relax efforts for getting good organic search results in lieu of other, more direct methods like using social media are finding out that it really is all tied in together.

Experienced digital marketing companies for roofers knew this all along and have continued efforts to keep SEO for organic search growing.

7. Inbound Marketing More Lucrative Than Outbound

The practice of inbound marketing for roofing companies works by creating a brand, a product, and a message that draws in customers on their own because they approve of what they are seeing and learning.

These customers then go on to tell others, who also come on their own.

While there is always a degree of outbound marketing used in every promotional campaign for roofers to target more audiences, the effective way to attract roofing customers is to simply be present, searchable, social, and optimized online to increase exposure and generate interest.

Compete Online With Other Roofers Via Digital Marketing Edge In 2022

If there is one thing that the past two years have taught people with regard to running their roof companies and digital marketing, it is that some things will never go back to the way they were.

Experienced digital marketing services can help any roof company be more competitive in the coming year by adopting the promotional techniques that have solved problems and increased sales as a result.

Partner with a digital marketing company that is specialized for roofers and knowledgeable in these important methods - and have a prosperous New Year!

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