It can definitely be confusing and challenging for roofers to understand how to use specific keywords to help rank higher in Google search results to achiever better results with SEO for roofers.

Are These Questions In Your Mind Right Now?

How do you know which keywords to even try to rank for with so many potentially relevant keywords existing?

More importantly, how can digital marketing for roofers be more wisely focused around highly profitable keywords as part of a roofing company’s advertising budget that will yield the highest ROI?

These are all important questions that roofing company owners just starting to take control of their SEO marketing ask - and with good reason.

With countless keyword possibilities based on specific terms, semantic phrases, different locations, and more, it can seem impossible to find the right keywords that will show up in the SERPs at the right times to attract potential roofing customers. 

Never Fear - Roofing Company Help Is Here!

Fortunately, succeeding with effective digital marketing strategies for roofers that allow almost anyone to rank at the top of the SERPs with hundreds and thousands of keywords is easier than it seems.

In this 30-minute webinar, Chris Hunter discusses the importance of ranking with more than just a few of the most obvious keywords and how it can be done.

He explains how to build critical page authority, website backlinks, and relevance for nearly any search term using landing pages and other essential components for effective digital marketing for roofers.

The webinar also discusses identifying and removing bad links that are damaging SEO for roofers and how to get on Google Maps to rank with more local keyword searches to attract more local customers.

This half-hour webinar is chock full of effective digital marketing strategies for roofers wanting to rank higher to compete in their local market, making it a must-watch.

Whether you are just starting out with your roofing website and understand how SEO for roofers works or need to improve your website’s pagerank in “near me” Google searches, this is thirty minutes of critical marketing knowledge that should not be missed.

Need Help With Digital Marketing Strategies for Roofers?

For those who still have questions or need help in developing their roofing website to turn it into a lead-generating machine, you can reach out to Chris at so he can help you come up with a great plan for doing just that.

More leads and more local customers are right around the corner using the proven digital marketing strategies for roofers available at!

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