Of all the important places where any local roofing business wants to be found, Google Maps for roofers is at the top of the list.

Ranking in the featured box on Google Maps for roof companies is the goal!


Because it’s where more people who do “near me” searches are finding highly recommended roofers nearby that they can call for estimates and roofing work right away.

So how can any local roofing contractor occupy this coveted spot on Google Maps?

It’s not as difficult as most people might think it is!

Learn How to Rank in Google Maps

In this week’s 6-minute roofing SEO video blog, Chris from RoofingSites.com unveils three super simple tips that will help any contractor literally show up on the map - Google Maps for roofing companies, that is - so their business is shown to more local searchers and they get more work.

These techniques, which can be done by any roofing business owner themselves and some in just a few minutes, can make the difference between being one of the top three businesses to show up on Google Maps for roof companies with a listing and a pin or missing that important mark on the local map altogether.

Anybody who has used Google to search for a business or service online has seen the Google Map and how easy it makes finding a dependable contractor who is local and most importantly, recommended by others.

Getting a roofing service to rank on Google Maps for roofers with a 5-star recommendation rating is one of the best ways for any roofer to get their phone ringing and get more work.

With these three simple tips from RoofingSites.com, any local contractor can raise their ranking, not just in the organic search listings but also on the Google Map listing that shows up at the top of the search page.

With just 6 minutes to watch and then a few more to put these tips into action, roofing contractors will see improvement in their ranking and start getting more calls in as little as one week.

And for a little help with the last step, Chris at RoofingSites.com is ready to lend a hand.

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