As much as some local roofers might think they are still getting customers from their traditional Yellow Pages ads, research on SEO marketing states otherwise.

Paying for Yellow Pages ads can be a hard habit for some roofers to break, since the paper directory has always been there for them, at least until recently.

Today, online SEO is the king of marketing for most businesses, making those Yellow Pages ads irrelevant.

Roofers hoping to gain more customers need to step into the future to invest in SEO marketing and leave the Yellow Pages behind!

Yellow Pages Advertising Is A Thing of the Past

Though roofing companies have based their advertising for decades on it, the era of the Yellow Pages is a thing of the past.

The rise of the Internet and SEO marketing has replaced paper advertising in most communities with more convenient and effective digital marketing.

Today, nearly all marketing for roofers and other community businesses is done online and the continued shrinking of the Yellow Pages directory easily proves that.

For roofer's marketing to be successful, it needs to be done where local customers are and today that is on Google.

Google is where customers search first these days, for roofing contractors and so much more!

Today’s Marketing Listings Are Online SEO Google Ads

Over the past two decades, SEO marketing on Google has almost completely replaced Yellow Pages ads and other forms of local print advertising.

Noting this, roofers can spend their advertising budgets more wisely by investing in SEO marketing like Google Ads and website SEO.

What every roofer still paying for Yellow Pages ads will quickly find out is that those directory ads are no longer getting them the new customers they need.

In fact, money spent on Yellow Pages ads these days is mostly wasted, since so few people turn to the yellow pages when they need services.

Instead, searchers turn to Google and places like Google My Business to find roofing companies when they need one.

Watch And Learn Why It Is Time To Move On

In this Roofer Growth Hacks video clip, Chris from talks about why the Yellow Pages is no longer the place to spend marketing dollars and how SEO marketing with Google can get roofers the customers they need to grow their businesses:

Forget the Yellow Pages Myth - Use SEO!

Digital marketing has taken over where the Yellow Pages can no longer compete.

The best way for roofing companies to profit in their local community is by embracing SEO marketing and foregoing that big check each month to the Yellow Pages.

Learn more about SEO marketing for roofers in the full Google marketing workshop at this link to understand why it is time to leave the Yellow Pages behind.

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