Digital marketing may be a key element for getting more business, but growing a roofing business involves having the money accessible to do it.

What many roofers who have been struggling to make ends meet so they can expand their companies - while also scraping together a marketing budget - may not realize is that they are probably wasting money in some unexpected places.

What is at the top of that list? Unused business services that are no longer helpful for business marketing or management purposes.

Cancel them!

Times and Technology Has Changed A Lot In The Last Decade

The last decade has seen technology change in leaps and bounds that have affected nearly everything in people’s lives.

Most significantly, there has been the incredible growth and development of the smartphone, which started as little more than a phone with a camera, that has transformed into an all-in-one business device that can handle just about any business-related task a roofing contractor may need it for.

With the ability to call, text, search, schedule, set reminders, run computer applications, create estimates and invoices, and perform countless other tasks, a loaded smartphone is one of the best business machines any roofing contractor can rely on for running their company.

Add to this the powerful business applications that are now available to handle all of the other work and modern IT as well as technology have given roofing contractors abilities that they never had before!

So where does that leave all of those other applications and business services that everyone relied on before smartphones and other connected business software suites became so effective?&

How Much Money Can Be Found By Canceling Business Services?

A big challenge that many roofers have faced over the past five to ten years is keeping up with technology and in doing so, trimming the amount of money they spend on unnecessary technology.

The days of pagers, land phone lines, and fax machines are not so far away, but surprisingly, there are many roofers out there still paying for those services.

Even though the pager has been sitting in a drawer for years unused or the fax machine remains connected “just in case,” those fees are still coming through on the telecom bill for many contractors.

That land phone line dedicated to the business isn’t getting the use it once did either, with everyone going mobile.

Some roofers may even be subscribed to professional services, newsletters, and other business needs that they no longer use or benefit from.

All of those accounts are costing money every month!

How much money can a roofing company owner benefit from to put toward business growth by learning how to use their current technology more effectively, then going through their services and subscriptions and weeding out all the unused ones?

Watch This Video and Learn How to Save Money!

Learn more on this topic in this Profit First video excerpt from discussing unneeded business services and how they cost roofers money that could be put to much better use!

Achieve Business Growth By Trimming The Fat

As time goes by, business needs change.

Roofers looking to become more profitable can do so by finding all the ways they are spending money unnecessarily, then diverting that money elsewhere.

Using tips from the Profit First money management system, roofing contractors can discontinue all those unneeded business services and save thousands of dollars every year.

When directed into a profit account, that cash can help a contractor make their business growth dreams a reality without even feeling it!

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