Beyond the SEO marketing and skillful financial management, one of the most critical factors for growing any roofing company is having the right employees.

Employees can make or break a roofing business, especially when those businesses are small and depend on every employee having the same mindset for growing the company.

That’s where concepts like core values and creating a good company culture become so important.

When roofers hire the right employees and then utilize them in the best ways, businesses thrive.

Why Is It So Important For Roofers To Hire The Right Employees?

When hiring employees for a roofing business, it’s always important to look for those employees who not only have the skills necessary for the job but who also complement the company culture.

An employee who has the skills and values that are important to the business will promote the company’s values to its customers, helping that business build a positive reputation within its service community.

Since every employee is an extension of the company, roofers must keep each employee’s overall contribution to their business in mind when hiring.

The best employees are the ones who are able to understand the company’s culture, how it serves its customers, and adopt that culture in their day-to-day work.

What Are The 3 Cs of Hiring New Employees for A Roofing Company?

A positive company culture that allows a roofing business to grow begins with the correct hiring of employees.

Employees must fit into the company in such a way that they not only adhere to the core values of the business, but they live them.

The easiest way to do that is by hiring new employees to whom those values come naturally.

Using the “3 Cs of Hiring” method suggested through the Culture Catalyst system, roofers should look for employees with Competency, Character, and the Capacity to fit the organization.

Learn About The 3 C's of Hiring In This Video!

In this video clip from the Roofer Growth Hacks Episode 3, Alex Sezar, Culture Catalyst professional, discusses with Chris from the 3 Cs of hiring new employees, why they matter, and how adhering to these core values when hiring can help a roofing company grow.

Great Hires Help To Create Great Roofing Businesses

Every roofing company must invest money into great marketing strategies and effort into great business management techniques.

Yet to really get their money’s worth from all of that and truly grow their businesses, roofers must start off with the right employees.

Great employees who easily adopt the company’s culture and promote its core values contribute to company growth by ensuring effective company organization and customer satisfaction.

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