Roofing companies change as they grow.

As this growth happens, changes to different business management practices and marketing strategies will likely come with it.

Yet the one thing that should never change for a business is the company’s core values.

When properly determined, effective core values remain static, becoming a key part of the company’s business marketing motivation and company reputation.

What Are The Core Values Every Roofer Must Identify?

Core company values are the values that every roofer chooses as the main motivation for their company.

Though they may be slightly different for every company, core values are essentially an owner’s business version of the personal values and beliefs they hold for achieving success.

With core values such as vision, integrity, passion, excellence, and service identified, roofing service owners can structure their business management and marketing efforts in such ways as to achieve those things.

These core values create the basis of every well-managed and well-staffed roofing company, carrying the owner’s vision and purpose through every employee to create satisfied customers.

Why Do Core Values Stay Constant While Businesses Evolve?

Core company values are different than business goals, though every successful roofing company needs both.

When roofers decide on and define their company core values, the whole purpose is to spread those values to their employees, then to their customers.

With this shared vision, business owners and employees together become accountable for providing the best service to the customers.

Yet it is important to note that a company’s core values can morph somewhat over time, as customer feedback starts coming in.

It is essential that roofers listen to their customers as they try to work by their stated core values, as they can get a better view of whether they truly are working according to those values that they have identified.

This valuable feedback can then be used either to promote the business further by including it as part of a marketing strategy or find ways to regroup with employees and figure out where the company is not meeting its core values and what changes must be made to do so.

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This Roofer Growth Hacks video clip with Culture Catalyst Alex Sezer and Chris from goes over some points about company core values, and how they can help any roofer with their business marketing and company growth when employees meet those values to create satisfied customers.

Stay True to Core Values When Growing A Roof Company

Core values are essential to the growth of any small business, especially a service-oriented business like a roofing company.

While it is easy to get caught up in the idea that all one needs is good digital marketing to grow that company, true business growth comes from establishing the right core values for the business and then meeting them.

In doing so, a high level of customer satisfaction will serve as its own marketing boost by creating the positive reputation that every roofer needs.

The easiest way to achieve all of that is by first establishing a set of core values for all employees to share in, and work toward.

For those who have not yet seen it, watch the entire Roofer Growth Hacks episode with Alex Sezer and learn more about creating a positive company culture here or reach out to Chris at to schedule a free marketing call with him!

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