Artificial intelligence can be a useful tool to help roofers with their digital marketing and numerous other business management tasks.

The key to using this marketing tool most effectively is understanding prompts ;and how they work.

Read here to learn about prompts in ChatGPT as well as other AI applications and how to make marketing easier by using the right ones to generate the most helpful results.

What Are Prompts For AI Applications?

When using AI programs like ChatGPT for marketing purposes, prompts are the means by which humans can instruct the program to provide the required response.

In a way, prompts are commands that are similar to the search terms entered into Google’s search box to direct the search algorithm to return a specific answer.

The more specific the entered search terms are, the more relevant the search results will be.

With AI, this prompt terminology is given to the AI to fine-tune the results generated so they are most suitable for whatever the need may be. 

How Can Roofers Use AI Prompts To Improve Their Digital Marketing?

Getting the best results for marketing from AI applications involves giving the AI a number of different prompts to guide it to develop a useful response.

Prompts can include terminology that assigns speaking style and tone, length of response required, who the audience is, and other specifics.

AI applications can even be commanded to write code like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, saving the programmer time as well as money and relieving them of having to learn how to do that on their own.

Yet what is essential to understand is that the results generated from AI are only as specific as what is entered and it may take multiple tries to get a satisfactory result.

Watch Here And Learn The Basics of Using ChatGPT Prompts

In this short Roofers Growth Hacks video clip, Chris from discusses ChatGPT prompts, how roofers can use them to assist in their digital marketing, and how to choose the right ones.

The Key To Taming AI for Digital Marketing Is Knowing How To Use Prompts

As interesting and powerful programs like ChatGPT and other AI applications may be for marketing purposes, there is definitely a learning curve to using them effectively.

One of the most important factors for getting good results with AI to develop digital marketing elements quickly and easily is learning how to use effective prompts.

This quick primer on prompts will shed light on how they can be used to command an AI program to create fast and effective marketing texts of various types.

See the entire Roofer’s Marketing Workshop episode featuring much more about the use of AI in digital marketing at this link and to learn more about digital marketing for roofing companies, schedule a free marketing call with Chris at today!

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