Are you in Roofing? You NEED to listen to today’s episode jam-packed with banking knowledge! We are joined with Greg Martin, one of the first commercial bankers to achieve the Profit First Professional Certification, to nerd out about the Profit First cash management solution. “Transform your business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine.”


Greg Martin is a husband, father, veteran, banker, podcaster, and entrepreneur enthusiast.

While here in Aggieland, Greg has been able to leverage his knowledge, experience, passions, and callings not only by serving clients; but also by coming alongside the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M University, starting the Aggie Growth Hacks Podcast, and serving on the board of Brazos Valley Cares, a non-profit dedicated to serving local veterans and their families.

When not nerding out over entrepreneurship, Greg can be found enjoying life with his amazingly talented wife, Sarah (who he married in 2002 in an Aggie fairytale wedding), and his rockstar son, Grayson.




  • [00:00 – 01:42] Intro
  • [01:43 – 08:47] About Profit First & The Murph Challenge Principles 
  • [08:48 – 12:20] The Bank Accounts That All Roofers Need 
  • [12:21 – 14:08] Setting Up Multiple Accounts 
  • [14:09- 23:22] Allocations, Real Revenue, and Percentages
  • [23:23 – 27:30] Profit First Peace & Owner’s Compensation
  • [27:31 – 32:20] Principle #3: Remove Temptation
  • [32:21 – 38:10] Adjusting Owner’s Compensation
  • [38:11 – 46:21] Operational Reserve Vault, Getting Out of Debt, ReInvesting, Bonus
  • [46:22 – 49:07] Retainage/ Customizing Profit First
  • [49:08 – 50:48] The Last Principle of Profit First
  • [50:49 – 58:04] Live Chat Questions
  • [58:05 – 1:00:50] Outro




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