Turn cold leads HOT with these easy steps! Today’s workshop will focus on the lead nurturing campaigns that give results including examples of how you can utilize them in your own business. Find this information and more in The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Roofers here https://go.roofingsites.com/


RoofingSites.com has been helping Roofing Companies grow for over a decade by using our proven marketing system, the 4R Roofing Marketing System to provide exclusive calls and appointments to each company. We started as a web design company and quickly pivoted to a marketing company since that’s what the Internet’s all about and it’s what our partners kept asking us for!

Since then, we’ve transitioned into a marketing company that not only helps get calls to your roofing company, we help you close the sale!


    • [00:00 – 02:19] Intro & Credentials
    • [02:20 – 07:44] How to Turn Every Cold Lead Into A Sale
    • [07:45 – 23:04] Set Up Lead Nurturing w/ Examples 
    • [23:05 – 26:35] Best Practices
    • [26:36 – 27:37] Steps to Take Now
    • [27:38 – 29:50] Get The Ultimate Guide & Outro 



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