The American dream for most roofers is having a successfully marketed business that grows over time while also affording them the ability to enjoy their companies and their lives.

Instead, many roofing contractors end up chained to their businesses, feverishly working on marketing and countless other managerial tasks to keep profits coming in as well as the day-to-day work itself.

When stepping away from the company for even a few days seems problematic, this is a sure sign that a better, more efficient means of operating the business is necessary.

Using EOS or the Entrepreneurial Operation System, roof companies can leverage these tools in combination with their marketing efforts to build a stable business that will survive even when life pulls them away for a while!

Fear of Business Collapse Common For Roofing Companies

One of the most common and unsettling feelings that many roofers deal with is that their company will cease to function if they are not there to keep it running.

While being there every day to handle the ins and outs of the business may seem like a roofing company owner’s responsibility, it can also indicate a need for better business organization and management.

There is no reason why an illness or some other personal emergency that pulls an owner away from their company should result in the collapse of that business if it is being run in an advantageous way.

Any roofer who has these fears must take a step back and reconsider how their company is functioning and what should be changed to afford them the ability to step away as needed.

How Can A Roofer Build A Stable, Self-Running Business?

To successfully grow any roofing company, contractors must have a vision of how they see their business operating successfully.

In addition to having business goals in mind, they must also be able to bring in staff, subcontractors, and others who share their vision, then leverage that talent in a highly efficient way.

Contractors must be able to delegate the functioning of their business in such a way that they can walk away to deal with a personal issue without the business suffering for it.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System can help them do just that.

Learn About The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Watch this Roofer Growth Hacks highlight reel with Lyn Askin, professional EOS implementer, as he discusses with Chris from the importance of setting up a roofing company to survive even when the owner is away.

EOS Allows Businesses To Survive Even A Personal Life Crisis

Running a roofing company involves a great deal of work from all employees, including the company owner.

Still, each business should be able to operate efficiently even when the owner must be away from the business for a time.

Using efficient business management techniques such as the Entrepreneurial Operating System, roofing contractors can structure their companies to run smoothly under any circumstance.

Whether a roofer gets pulled away from their company due to a personal issue, a vacation, or just wants to step away from the daily grind for a bit, the EOS method of business management can help them achieve a company that operates with the required stability.

To learn more about EOS, watch the full Roofer Growth Hacks episode featuring Lyn Askin, or schedule a free marketing call with Chris at!

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