Getting inbound leads are the first mark of a successful lead generation campaign; however, many times these hot leads still require some nurturing since most don’t convert on their own and need a little help.

This is where the follow-up part of lead nurturing comes in, to prompt those leads to convert.

Unfortunately, marketing research suggests that follow-up is where most small businesses fail at their own lead-nurturing game.

They attract inbound leads with an effective lead generation strategy, then fail to give them the attention they need to actually convert and become customers.

Working Those Leads

How much lead nurturing follow-up should an inbound lead get?

Chris Hunter from answers this question in this week’s 3-minute roofer’s marketing video and the answer might be a little surprising.

Presenting current research from Harvard Business Review, Chris discusses the importance of lead nurturing with the right kind of follow-up and how a single call back is not enough.

In fact, roofing companies getting a full stream of active leads through their lead generation campaigns tend to only convert 10% without proper follow-up, as opposed to the 40-50% that convert when businesses use the right follow-up tactics.

For lack of enough follow-up, most roofers let the majority of their great leads go to competitors who are willing to invest in providing the follow-up necessary to coax them into becoming actual, paying customers.

Ready to Start Nurturing Those Leads?

So what does this all mean for today’s roofing contractors struggling with their lead nurturing campaigns?

It highlights the importance of follow-up and the need to dedicate the time as well as sales resources to get more new customers.

For those who need help following up on all of their hot inbound leads to convert more of them, contact Chris about how can bridge the gap between marketing and sales to help roofers convert more leads!

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