Local SEO is one of the most important marketing elements for roofing companies that cater to communities, especially today.

Due largely to changes in both the economy as well as customer shopping and buying habits, utilizing the skills of local SEO consultants for roofers is more important than ever in 2022 and moving forward.

Business competition for roofing companies is at an all-time high right now.

The one way that roof company owners catering to customers within their communities can get ahead is with the assistance of a local SEO company that can put roofers on their community map for all to discover - and help them stay there!

Essential Ranking Factors for Effective Local Roof Company SEO

Local SEO for roofers is an online marketing strategy used to get local community roofing companies seen by the people who need to see them the most - local customers.

To achieve this, local SEO companies focus on the most important ranking factors for roofers that grab the attention of Google’s search algorithm and satisfy local search queries.

Those factors are the relevance to the user’s search query, how far the roof company is to the location of the searcher, and how established as well as credible that roofer is.

Improving A Roofer's Local SEO for Higher Ranking

As important as these ranking factors are for community businesses today, local SEO consultants who help roofing companies find that improving ranking status in those three areas involves optimizing in multiple areas:

  • Google My Business and Online Directories - Every roof company should claim, fill out, and optimize their Google My Business page as this is the key to leveraging local SEO and showing up on the search map for someone looking for roofers. Additionally, claim other prominent directory listings and do the same.
  • Localized Social Media - In addition to directory listings, local roofers should have social media pages on the highly relevant platforms, as these are the places where customers are looking at community businesses found using Google search to learn more about roof companies.
  • Reputation Management - The first place that neighborhood customers go when deciding who to use for roofing services is the review section of directory listings or the comments on social media pages. Local SEO companies stress to their roofing clients the importance of managing these reviews, responding to both bad and good comments, and showing customers as well as potential customers alike that this roof company cares about making them happy.
  • Content Quality and Type - Websites, directories, and social media pages should include high-quality content that provides value to roof company target customers in various forms. Local SEO consultants recommend including both text and video content as well as plenty of relevant images and other types of content preferred by the specific audience being targeted.
  • Mobile Optimization and Voice Search – Roof company websites should be optimized for mobile search and used to satisfy the search algorithm, which may downgrade a website that is not optimized for mobile use. Voice search optimization is a part of this today, as more users are searching for roofers this way rather than typing into their phones.
  • Website User Experience - Along with mobile optimization for better prominence in local searches for roofing companies, the website user experience must be fast, uncomplicated, and responsive or the risk is high that a user will become frustrated and look elsewhere.

Improve Local SEO in 2022 for Better Roofing Company Success!

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, economic changes, and many other factors, local SEO consultants who work with roofers agree that the way people search, shop, and buy in 2022 is very different than just two years ago.

Local SEO is essential for roofing companies that need to show up in the SERPs and on the map for customers in their community.

To improve local search rankings and get discovered by more community members, roofers can partner with a local SEO company that knows roofing SEO and can help them with these and other ways to optimize locally!

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