The main concern about successful online marketing for roofers over the past decade or more has been SEO and attracting organic search results.

Yet as techniques have changed and more focus has been put into social media advertising for its seemingly immediate results in targeting interested audiences and drawing in more leads, it has left many roofing companies in search of SEO help wondering whether organic search is even still a good investment.

The answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Organic search is still critical for roof company success and every knowledgeable SEO expert will agree.

This 2-part article series will explain why SEO for roofers is still important in 2021 and then how your roofing company can still succeed with it by skipping a few outdated methods and adopting a few new ones!

Is Organic Search Dead for Roof Companies?

In today’s age of social media accounts and paid advertising, it is fair to question the importance of organic search for roof companies and whether it is still worthwhile to invest in SEO.

The answer to that question is actually very simple.

As popular as social media and other marketing methods have become for roofers, where is it that people turn first when they want to find a roofing company?

They don’t hop on Instagram or Facebook and search for an ad or a page - they go to Google.

Basically, as long as Google and other search engines exist and as long as people go there first to search for roofing companies, which they definitely do, SEO help for organic search is a worthwhile investment.

Why Bother With Organic Search Today?

Once again, SEO experts find that people still overwhelmingly turn to Google when they need to find a roofing company, especially when in urgent need of roof repairs.

More than 50% of searchers start their search on Google, finding what they need through organic search.

Therefore, any roofing company that wants to be ranked at the top of those SERPs must continue to pay attention to SEO and effective organic search.

SEO is still very cost-effective for the results it brings and more importantly it is future-proof, meaning whatever happens in the future with online marketing, organic search will always be there.

Staying on top of it means keeping roof companies locatable and keeping sales coming in.

Newer Reasons to Invest in Organic SEO

There are many other great and newer reasons why SEO experts agree that ranking high in the SERPs is still important for roofers.

As the years have passed, Google has always allowed roof companies to buy a position at the top of the search page with Google Ads; however, now there are also many search-related ways that roofing services can benefit from good optimization in organic search.

Investing in SEO help today means not only ranking in the SERPs but potentially ranking with these other Google features that highlight roofing companies and bring them more attention including:

  • Local Search and Local Packs – Roof companies are highlighted on the local map, listed in the top 3 featured locations, and more.
  • Featured Snippets - Relevant, ranking information from a roofing company’s website can be featured at the top of the SERPs page.
  • Knowledge Panels and Cards - Another spot where Google features information from relevant and reputable roofing websites.
  • Related Questions Box - Relevant and highly-rated content from a roofer's website may also show up in the “People Also Ask” box above the SERPs.
  • Shopping Results - Products from highly-ranked websites may show up in the carousel of retail products for sale at the top of the SERPs when someone searches for that item.
  • Twitter Cards - Tweets from roof companies and related accounts appearing above the general SERPs.
  • Video Results - Thumbnails and links to YouTube videos that fit the search query.

So - Is SEO Still A Great Marketing Investment for Roofers?

Considering the way that SEO works to improve organic search, SSEO experts can confidently recommend that it is still a valid and cost-effective investment for every roofing company.

Although search algorithms have changed over the years and SEO methods with it, organic search remains to be half of the online marketing picture that the owners of roofing companies must pay attention to in order for their websites to succeed.

Many of these updated methods are mentioned in Part 2 of this article.

Roofers seeking to fully take advantage of the benefits of ranking with organic search should partner with an experienced professional who can provide the necessary SEO help.

Find out more about SEO and the most updated ways it can be used by roofers in the second part of this article series!

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