Many roofers question whether an investment in SEO is still a cost-effective marketing expense for all roofing companies.

In the second part of this 2-part series, the point was made that as long as Google controls the web and is the first place that people go to search for the roof companies they need, getting SEO help to optimize roofing websites is very worthwhile and still highly competitive.

As SEO experts point out, staying competitive in the roofing market involves ditching old, out-of-date optimization techniques and keeping up with the newly emerging ones that work according to what the most recent search algorithms like to see.

Out With The SE-Old Methods

The first essential part of achieving marketing success with roofing SEO and organic search is recognizing which old, outdated SEO techniques should be discontinued, as continuing them could actually work against optimization efforts rather than for them.

For anyone catching up to the present day, the biggest offenders that SEO experts still see being used on roof company websites in need of better optimization include using duplicate content, keyword stuffing, spammy backlinks, clickbait headlines, slow loading pages, and poor mobile optimization.

These things may have helped roofers with SEO in the past but will get a site penalized today.

Knowing this, the first bit of SEO help that can improve a roofer's website is to take this checklist and reverse or correct it.

This is the cornerstone of creating a roofing services website that newer, more effective SEO methods can actually work for.

In With The New More Effective SEO Techniques for Roofers

Once the basic improvements have been to a roofing website, SEO professionals will then begin to implement the various methods that Google now encourages for creating a site that will serve users well and potentially achieve high ranking for roofers in the SERPs:

  • A Focus On UX - A roof company website that is designed to be used intuitively by the specifically targeted audience can be easily used in both desktop as well as mobile and offers a positive user experience is always going to rank higher than one that is hard to use.
  • On-Page Optimization - The best SEO help for creating on-page optimization for roofing websites includes: careful keyword research then using keywords and keyword variations correctly within unique, informative, varied, and optimized content; optimizing for faster page loading speed; using proper meta titles and descriptions; and focusing on technical concerns like user-friendliness, mobile-friendliness, and more.
  • Off-Page Optimization - SEO that builds off-page optimization includes brand and reputation building for roofers by attracting high-quality backlinks through link building.
  • PPC and Social Media to Benefit SEO - Since organic SEO can be slow to develop, the process can be sped up using paid advertising and social media to build a roof company's brand awareness, increase reputation, and generate trustworthiness on the website. That combined with on-page optimization techniques can get a roofing website noticed more positively until it is at a point where it can rank on its own without the added boost of paid ads.

Invest in Professional Roofing SEO Help To Win With Organic Search

SEO is and always will be an important part of online marketing for any roof company; however, it is constantly evolving which makes achieving marketing and website goals a continuous challenge.

To reach those goals easily and cost-effectively, roofing companies must invest in the professional SEO help so they can change with the times.

Working with a skilled SEO expert, every roof company owner can be assured that their website will benefit from organic search as well as the added exposure and engagement gained through social media and paid advertising which can result in having a better chance of reaching the business goals of their roofing company!

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