In an increasingly competitive online market for nearly every business sector, Google Ads formerly called Google Adwords should be a part of every roofing company’s marketing arsenal.

When developing and implementing an effective Google Ads campaign, keep these simple but important tips in mind to stretch the marketing budget for your roof company as far as it can go.

Recommended by professional roofer marketing firms that provide Google Ads services, these methods will help you achieve marketing success with advertising on Google!

1. Use Everything the Google Ads Platform Offers

When creating Google Ads for your roof company, use all features that are provided by the platform.

Fill all content areas out, including H1, H2, and H3 headers, page URL, and Description Line 1 and Line 2.

Fill out the Path fields, as these provide a more descriptive and user-friendly insert to the searcher that will look more relevant than the actual URL.

Be sure to use the Responsive Search Ads feature in your Google Ads campaign, as this feature gives the algorithm the ability to choose from a list of supplied headlines based on the way the search is done so the ad shows up for more relevant roofing services searches.

Similarly, always fill out some of the ad extensions such as callout, location, call, and sitelink extensions and structured snippets.

These provide searchers with even more relevant information about your roofing company and additional easy ways to interact with the ad.

2. Identify Negative Keywords Within the Google Ads Platform

Negative keywords are those keywords that have not been especially effective for your ads, bringing in only minimal results for your roofing company campaigns.

Google Ads experts make good use of the ability to optimize negative keywords within the advertising platform by listing keywords not to be answered.

This simple feature saves the marketing budget for roofers that can be utilized elsewhere.

3. Utilize Keyword Match Types

Search algorithms analyze search terms for roofers and how they relate to ad content using four match types:

  • Exact Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Broad Match
  • Broad Match Modified

Broad matches attract the widest searches for roofers while exact matches the narrowest.

Based on the adjustments the Google Ads platform allows to be made in these categories, it is possible to control ad impressions in these different classifications to focus on some while reducing your roofing company's budget spend in others.

Then after establishing a good balance in keyword match types, change and rotate them periodically to test different levels of keyword exposure as time passes as search patterns and keyword relevance frequently change.

4. Create Relevant Landing Pages That Match Roofing Company Keywords

The best Google Ads campaign cannot succeed unless those ads lead potential customers to the information they are seeking when they search.

Landing pages are a key marketing tool for roofers; however, to use them to their fullest while getting the most from your marketing budget, landing pages must be relevant to the roofing keywords that individual ads are focusing on.

Having only a few generic landing pages can backfire.

Instead, create many landing pages that correspond with each ad and its various roofing keywords, keyword matches, locations, and other variables.

5. Consider Location When Bidding Ads

Another important factor that Google Ads Services for roofers use to control marketing budget and get maximum benefit from all ads placed is to leverage location bids.

Pay more where the ad is likely to generate increased actual interest and less where it is not.

It is as simple as that and the Google Ads platform makes doing that easy.

Get Google Ads Success For Roofers With These 5 Easy Practices

A well-run Google Ads campaign is an essential part of every roof company's marketing strategy.

Getting great results with these ads requires developing a good strategy so that ads are relevant, informative, user-friendly, and most definitely show up when you need them to.

Achieve success using these simple solutions practiced by experienced Google Ads marketing services so your roofing company ads are seen and bring in the customers!

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