Google My Business is an essential marketing tool that can help roofing companies succeed.

Though it may seem to be just one more social platform or directory site for roofers to worry about, the truth is that Google My Business marketing works and the statistics prove it.

The trick is to understand the purpose of focusing on your roof company's GMB page and then teaming up with a great Google My Business marketing agency to make it all happen.

Based on the results that roofers using their GMB pages are getting, it is easy to see why it should be a priority for all roofing companies!

Google My Business Puts Your Roof Company On The Map

The most important place for any roofing company to be is on the local map in the Google search results when people search - and the way to get there is with Google My Business.

By claiming and developing the Google My Business marketing page that is available free to every roofer, the search algorithm can tell that this roof company is alive and well, looking for customers.

GMB pages provide another means of showing up in the Google search results for organic and local search, which is how local roofing companies gain new customers.

According to an experienced Google My Business marketing agency, the very community that your roof company hopes to attract may not even realize your company is there.

What Do Stats Say About Google Maps and Search For Roofers?

Google is the main search engine used by 9 out of 10 Internet searchers for roofers and claiming 92% of the worldwide search market.

Here are some important reasons why every roofing company needs to claim and develop their Google My Business page so it can help them show up on the local search map:

  • Near Me Searches - Almost 50% of all Google searches for roofers are from within the community to find local roofing companies “near me.”
  • Local Audiences - 85% of searchers look online within their community first, before looking elsewhere for experienced roofers.
  • More Business Visits - More than 75% of Google searchers actually spoke with a local roofing company that was on the map and suggested to them.
  • Business Hours and Phone Numbers Help - Marketing research shows that when a local Google My Business marketing map entry includes the hours and phone number of a roof company, up to 95% of searchers are more likely to visit them.
  • Comments and Feedback - Google My Business marketing agencies find that roofers using their pages get more interaction like customer comments and feedback left than they do on their Yelp! and Facebook pages combined.
  • Effective Organic Search – Roof companies receive more visits from local customers doing unbranded searches for roofers near them. Google search and maps will suggest more local roofing companies with developed GMB pages through organic search than those without.

Roofers - Claim Your GMB Page and Get On The Map!

Based on these clear statistics, Google My Business helps local roofers and it is a great way for local roofing companies to increase exposure in their most important market, the local one.

Google My Business marketing experts find it to be one of the most important tools to use when developing marketing strategies for roofing company clients because GMB marketing gets results.

If you have not yet claimed your Google My Business marketing page and integrated it with your roof company’s website, social media, and other marketing efforts, there is no better time than now to do it - contact a local GMB marketing agency for roofers to get started today!

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