Are you ready to take 2022 by storm? Do you have a clear plan of attack as it relates to your SEO strategy? Have you put together an updated plan based on all the changes on Google in the past year?

On this live training, we'll be unpacking "The New 2022 SEO Formula for Your Roofing Company" and what you need to do to MAXIMIZE your SEO efforts via Google for your Roofing business going into the New Year.

In this webinar replay you'll learn:

  • How to get ranked for your most profitable roofing keywords? Hint: You need to think beyond just "roofer" or "roof repair"
  • How to build authority so that the pages on your website rank
  • How to build relevant links that will move the needle in the Google search listings
  • Why having duplicate content on your city pages could be killing your rankings
  • How to communicate your "true service area" to Google automatically
  • What are the most important online directories you should be listed in?
  • How to get rid of bad links that could be holding your company back
  • What are the most important roofing keywords that I should be targeting?
  • Can I still use fake addresses or UPS addresses on Google Maps to rank?
  • What are the most important online review sites? ... and much, MUCH More!

New Year Special - Roofers Ranking Machine + Bonuses Bundle!

Do you like the idea of ranking your roofing website, but you don't want to learn all the ways to do it yourself (much less have the time)? is running a New Year Special on our wildly popular Roofers Ranking Machine! Be sure to check it out and set your roofing company's search engine strategy on the right path for 2022!

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