With business planning for 2023 well underway, roofers investing in their digital marketing need to know what the current marketing trends are and which ones will be most beneficial for them.

To maximize lead generation and conversion, roofers need to have a clear digital marketing strategy that can get those leads and then progress them toward conversion, all within the constantly changing environment that is the internet today.

Continuing on from the first part of this discussion in the 2023 Digital Marketing Plan for Roofers workshop, Chris from RoofingSites.com delves deeper into digital marketing tactics for roof companies and how to develop a highly effective marketing plan for a new business year.

This detailed 48-minute marketing lesson will help roofers finalize their marketing plan with detailed instructions to get them started!

What Will You Learn?

In this week’s informative, hands-on digital marketing strategies workshop complete with a free downloadable workbook and worksheet, Chris explains these important ideas for building effective marketing plans:

  • Setting Clear Goals - Develop business goals for the upcoming year by reviewing last year’s revenue, allocating a marketing budget for this year, calculating cost per lead last year, and add in other details to help roofers determine the number of leads needed to meet and surpass the previous year.
  • Developing A Marketing Strategy - Using Chris’ 4 R system, roofers will look at the latest digital marketing tactics, decide which ones should be most effective, and determine which marketing areas are the TOP action items that need greater focus for increasing lead generation and conversion.

How Will It Help?

Adding onto last week’s workshop lesson, Chris talks more in-depth on the importance of goal setting and how to establish clear and attainable business goals for 2023, showing roofing business owners how to do it on their own using the free worksheet designed specifically for this lesson.

By the end of the workshop, roofers should have a better view of their goals for this year, a digital marketing budget they can work with, and understand what is required to put their plan into effect.

Improve Lead Generation and Conversion With A Good Digital Marketing Strategy

To gain the most from digital marketing tactics, roofers should understand how to create an effective marketing plan and make it work for them.

With help from Chris with RoofingSites.com, roofers can achieve all this and more to have a highly prosperous 2023.

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