In the world of digital marketing, the one thing that is ever-present is Google and every roof company owner’s need to dominate it.

Even though Google is constantly changing, making consistently staying on top of the SERPs a real challenge, roofers must conquer Google to stay at the top of the search results to keep growing their businesses.

Roofers who want to be “the” company that gets the call from a new customer, and not just “a” company that they call must take command of the SERPs so that Google becomes their biggest and best advocate.

Embracing Google My Business is the best way that any roofer can do that.

Google My Business - Much More Than Just A Directory Listing!

One of the greatest free marketing tools that every roofer has access to is their Google My Business profile.

When a roofer claims their profile and properly fills it out using effective SEO techniques, this page is a powerful tool for getting the best results from Google’s search algorithm for attracting more local customers.

GMB offers roofing company owners much more than just a directory listing, as it is directly tied in with all other marketing features that Google offers.

Google Ads, local business service ads, and Google Maps are essential marketing tools that combine to generate the best results from customer Google searches.

How Does Local Marketing Help Roofers Win With Google?

While every roofer knows that one of the goals of digital marketing is to get their company name to the top of the Google search results page, it is essential that they understand how local marketing using GMB is so much more effective.

A roofer’s Google My Business profile can be used to boost their ability to capture the SERPs during organic searches for businesses within a certain community as well as “near me” searches, bringing more awareness to that business.

Roofers using this strategy can more easily expect better and faster results from Google searches when they leverage good SEO techniques, including the power of local customer reviews, with their GMB marketing, helping the search algorithm to recognize them.

Showing up on the Maps 3-Pack, in local business service ads, and at the top of organic searches means Google has recognized the company as being reputable as well as recommended and a business that customers should choose.

Watch Here How To Dominate Google Using Google My Business!

In this detailed digital marketing lesson for roofers, Chris from discusses how important it is to dominate the Google search engine and how easily it can be done using Google My Business!

Become The Roofer Everyone Calls With Great Google Strategies

There is more to getting new local customers than just reaching the top of the SERPs on a Google search.

Using Google My Business, roofers can become a recommended business by Google, letting local searchers know that they have found not just any roofer, but the best one to call.

Capturing the power of Google is an essential goal that every roofing company in a competitive local market should strive for.

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