Want to Grow Your Roofing Company?

But you’re struggling with the lack of marketing knowledge it takes to keep up and that makes you feel isolated, uncertain, and unclear?

We understand what you are going through. We’ve helped hundreds of roofing companies successfully grow their revenue where we’ve implemented a proven performance based marketing framework that we call the 4R Roofing Marketing System that is guaranteed to increase your revenue and avoid losing out on opportunities, stalling your business, and getting beat by your competition.

About RoofingSites.com

RoofingSites.com has been helping Roofing Companies grow for over a decade by using our proven marketing system, the 4R Roofing Marketing System to provide exclusive calls and appointments to each company. We started as a web design company and quickly pivoted to a marketing company since that’s what the Internet’s all about and it’s what our partners kept asking us for!

Since then, we’ve transitioned into a marketing company that not only helps get calls to your roofing company, we help you close the sale!

We’re on a Mission

to Double the Size of 100 Roofing Companies by 2028.

Will yours be next?

Our Core Values

Thirst for Knowledge

Because the marketing industry changes so often and so quickly, we are always seeking to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.


Because the marketing industry changes so often and so quickly, we are flexible and open-minded, able to pivot and adjust to changing circumstances with ease.


In order to achieve our mission to double the size of 100 roofing companies, we are focused on achieving results and making a meaningful impact for us, our clients, and our client’s customers.

Team Players

As an extension of our client’s teams, we are collaborative and supportive, working with others to achieve shared goals and success.

About Our Founder – Chris Hunter

Roofing Sites in College Station, TX - Image of Chris Hunter - Founder of RoofingSites.com and author of "The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Roofers"

Chris Hunter is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of RoofingSites.com as well as the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Roofers“. He’s been in the marketing industry for over 25 years as well as owned and managed several successful companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding how we work and what leads and appointments really mean. If you don’t see an answer to your question here – head to our Contact Us page and ask away! We’ve heard it all, but just might not have written it down.

How Does it Work?

We’ve broken down our partner on-boarding for the Roofing Appointment Machine into just a few steps in order to get you exclusive high-quality appointments as quickly as possible.

  1. Reputation Machine – What does your reputation look like online? Your reputation is the base of all of your marketing. If it’s not a five star reputation or even have enough reviews, then nothing else really matters. We’ll get you set up in our proprietary software that will help get reviews from your customers proactively.
  2. Reactivation Machine – When was the last time you reached out to a customer from 10+ years ago? Your existing customers are the easiest targets when it comes to marketing and sales, so one of the very first things we do is get your list and start the Reactivation Machine!
  3. Lead Nurture Machine – How fast do you follow up with your calls and leads? Something that every sales coach on the planet will tell you that you need to follow up with leads in 15 minutes or less. Yet we find that most sales staff follows up sometimes upwards of a day after the lead comes in. By that time, that lead is long gone and you’ve wasted time and money getting that person in the door. Our proprietary system will proactively follow up via text messages and email within minutes until an appointment is set. This activity alone has helped 4x some of the roofing companies we’ve worked with!
  4. Outreach Machine – This is what most roofing companies get wrong. They concentrate on Billboards, Yellow Pages, Home Advisor, Angies List and possibly some Facebook Ads. Our Roofing Outreach Machine will set you up with marketing systems that actually work today. And since we work with many roofing companies across different areas, we learn what works and doesn’t work at a much faster pace than your marketing intern. The Outreach Machine will help get you leads in today, tomorrow and long term.

When You Say Appointments – What Does that Mean?

That means people who need your help are calling you directly from your website and setting up appointments with you using our proprietary software. There is no middle man, the call is simply passed through to your main phone line with no down time. The calls are then recorded so when it comes to reporting, you’ll know which calls are leads and which aren’t leads.

How Does Billing Work?

We try to make billing as easy as possible billing your credit card at the beginning of every month. We also accept ACH payments as well.