Organic search and mastering Google’s SEO algorithm are key factors for success in any type of digital marketing campaign for roofing companies.

One of the most important ways a roofer can improve their marketing SEO is by understanding the significance of E.E.A.T. and how Google acknowledges it.

With a focus on the essential components that comprise the E.E.A.T. theory, any roofing contractor can raise their SEO marketing to the next level by proving to Google that they are worth paying attention to!

What Is E.E.A.T.?

E.E.A.T. is the acronym for four very important SEO marketing terms: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

It is a concept that has been years in the making as Google has gradually developed its search algorithm, with the algorithm essentially seeking out these qualities in every website it interprets.

Websites that exhibit the highest levels of E.E.A.T. tend to be rewarded with higher pagerank related to organic searches.

Noting this, every roofer trying to gain an edge in their roofing SEO against their local competition should have a clear understanding of E.E.A.T., how it works, and how it can bring their pages to the top of the SERPs.

How Does Google Use E.E.A.T. Within Its Search Algorithm?

E.E.A.T. is comprised of four main SEO categories that Google uses to assign value to every website that can be searched:

  • Experience - What type of experience are users having with a roofer’s website? Does the website provide quality, original content that provides value to customers who visit it? Are customers engaging with the website?
  • Expertise - Is the roofer an expert in their profession according to their community? What are their credentials and business track record?
  • Authoritativeness - Does the roofer’s website include high-quality incoming links from authority sources? Great content that is useful and informative can help build legitimacy and authority so that others want to recommend it.
  • Trustworthiness - Are the website and its incoming links trustworthy? Factual information and current, clean SEO tactics all count toward building trustworthiness with the algorithm as evidence of a company that should be promoted with a higher pagerank.

Watch Here To Learn About E.E.A.T. and SEO Marketing

In this week’s Roofer Growth Hacks clip, Chris from discusses the E.E.A.T. concept of roofing SEO, and how a focus on E.E.A.T. can promote the mastery of Google’s algorithm for better results with organic search:

Roofers Need More E.E.A.T. to Succeed with Their SEO

Though the E.E.A.T. concept involves only four main categories, achieving SEO success with those categories requires effort.

Yet at the base of it all lies high-quality website content, honest SEO practices, and other ways to build acceptance from experts and provide good service to customers.

Ultimately, roofers who put effort into their E.E.A.T. will gain consideration from the Google search algorithm, which is the first step to attracting more customers through organic search.

Learn more about E.E.A.T. by watching the full Workshop here or by scheduling a free marketing call with Chris at!

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