In the world of business marketing, it is often thought that good SEO is all a roofing contractor needs to get more customers and grow their business.

While SEO services are an essential part of effective marketing, they are far from the only element that goes into it.

The goal for roofers looking to work smarter and not harder should be to develop a process that makes their marketing easier, yet more effective at the same time.

Starting with SEO techniques and moving on to include other essential processes, any roofer can build their own Ultimate Marketing Machine that keeps the sales coming.

The Difference Between Marketing Tactics and Marketing Strategies

An important concept to grasp when investing time and money into marketing for a roofing company is that there is a big difference between marketing tactics and marketing strategies.

SEO services are an important tactic used for marketing, but they are only one part of the whole marketing equation.

Though people tend to recognize the term SEO and many have come to believe that SEO is the same thing as marketing, it is only a minute part of it.

On the other hand, a marketing strategy is a series of marketing tactics that, when used according to the roofing company’s needs for attracting and gaining new customers, create an overall plan that fulfills identified marketing goals.

Using the 4 Rs of Digital Marketing To Build A Roofer’s Marketing Machine

Noting the difference between marketing tactics like SEO as well as other techniques and how they can be combined into a whole marketing strategy, the 4 R system of digital marketing provides the perfect blueprint for roofers to follow.

Using the 4 Rs of Digital Marketing, any roofing contractor can implement all the marketing tactics necessary to create their own individual marketing process that can be used over and over again to keep attracting and converting new customers.

After developing the perfect marketing machine, roofers can then keep it running productively with a little maintenance here and there, rather than reinventing their marketing wheel every time!

Learn How to Build A Personal Marketing Machine!

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Build A Roofer’s Marketing Machine and Get More Sales!

Investing in SEO marketing is important for roofers in competitive markets, but it is not the only tactic needed to attract customers and get more sales.

Marketing means more than just SEO tactics.

To attract more customers and keep them coming, roofers need to create an effective system specifically for their business to keep generating leads and sales.

Using this step-by-step process, any roofing contractor can analyze their marketing needs, then build their own marketing machine that consistently churns out new leads and more sales.

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