With so much local competition, SEO is a critical online marketing necessity for roofing companies to get ahead of the pack and stay there.

Improving SEO ranking starts with understanding how Google ranks web pages and then applying the SEO services that can accomplish it.

Effective SEO help can improve PageRank so that roofing contractors get noticed right away at the top of the SERPs, rather than becoming an afterthought.

How Does Google’s Search Engine Rank Roofing Company Web Pages?

The single purpose of Google’s search engine algorithm is to provide a searcher with results that are the most relevant to their specific search.

Those pages are determined according to two SEO factors: relevancy and authority.

Although the exact formulas used by the algorithm to determine these two factors are unknown, SEO services do know that after years of research and experimentation, three main ranking factors stand out to rank the highest:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trust

How Can Roofing Companies Improve Their PageRank?

Based on the current understanding of the search algorithm and the aforementioned three ranking factors, the way that SEO help can improve any roofing company’s PageRank in local searches is the implementation of an SEO strategy that highlights those three factors.

SEO strategies designed to get more page visits and promote easier recognition by the search algorithm must address the things that will make a roofer’s web pages more authoritative, prove them to be an expert in their field, and show that they are a trustworthy business within their community.

Since all of these come as a result of applying SEO services most effectively and are not based on a business owner simply saying they are all of those things, SEO strategies to draw attention to a web page are an essential part of a circular effect.

The more that searchers are drawn to a web page and the more positive their experiences are there, the higher the page’s expertise, authority, and trust are gauged by the algorithm.

How Can An SEO Strategy Improve PageRank?

An effective SEO strategy that can work to improve PageRank should include three main categories:

  • Effective Technical Setup - Web pages that are easily indexed, load quickly, and technically optimized for easy location by the algorithm are essential. This is implemented by having a simple URL structure, uncomplicated site navigation, a sitemap, good optimization for fast loading, and no dead links or redirects.
  • High-Quality Website Content - Website content that draws interest and provides value is essential. SEO help techniques to make content more searchable and recognizable by the search algorithm include effective keyword research as well as on-page optimization factors like meta-text, header tags, image alt-tags, multimedia content, and much more.
  • Website Links - Links are critical for helping to establish authority and expertise. As such, websites need both internal links and high-quality inbound links or backlinks that indicate another source has found value in the information being presented.

Collectively, these different elements come together in the form of an SEO strategy that helps web pages tick all the metaphorical check boxes the search algorithm looks for, allowing them to be interpreted as valuable pages to be served to relevant searches.

Improve Roofing PageRank With Effective SEO Services

Although roofing contractors may not think all of these SEO details are important for them, they are critical to improving organic PageRank and being seen by more potential local customers.

To progress with an effective strategy, contractors should consider investing in professional SEO services to help them do that.

Accessing the right SEO help will allow local contractors to rise to the top of the search engine ranking pages, making them more noticeable in competitive community markets!

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