One thing that every roofer following along with these Roofer Growth Hacks creative suggestions should already know is the importance of creating quality SEO content for their websites to keep the Google search algorithm interested.

Chat GPT makes creating some SEO content easier, but should it be trusted for writing articles, blog posts, and landing pages?

Read on to learn about the nuance of using AI within SEO marketing and why roofers still need to invest in original, hand-written, human-generated marketing content for their website!

What Type Of Content Does Google Prefer?

It is well known by this point that Google rewards SEO content that is helpful and meaningful to website viewers and provides searchers with value.

This is easily understood by looking back through the past decade of the search algorithm and the many algorithm changes to that effect that Google has made.

Most importantly, the algorithm has been trained to recognize poor-quality SEO marketing content that does not truly provide that value.

Back then, it was keyword stuffing and other “black hat” techniques that marketers were using to try to game the search algorithm.

Today, the prediction is that AI-generated SEO content will soon be the next black hat technique penalized by Google.

Why Is AI-Generated Content A Google Red Flag?

Although AI's like Chat GPT can very easily be directed to use specific SEO keywords and create seemingly suitable articles and other website content, there is something that every roofing business owner needs to know about it.

The SEO content created by AI programs contains signatures that indicate that it was written by an AI program.

These AI signatures might not be as detectable by people, but they can be easily detected by other AIs, including the Google search algorithm.

The main issue with this is how the content produced by AI for roof companies frequently lacks the meaning and value that hand-written marketing content composed by a human does.

AI can put in keywords and string together grammatically correct sentences, but the context and value of that content are lacking.

Watch This Video On Not Using AI To Write Blog Articles

In this week’s Roofer Growth Hacks video clip, Chris from discusses the danger of relying too much on AI for SEO marketing and why it should never be used to generate certain website content.

Win With Google By Saving The AI For The Right Tasks

As tempting as it might be to use AI to generate all types of SEO content and other marketing materials for roofers websites, professional marketers are starting to warn against that.

Content created by Chat GPT and other AI applications essentially looks as robotic to the Google search algorithm as it is.

Based on the history of Google and the development of its algorithm, it won’t be long before AI-generated marketing content for roofers is being penalized as a black hat, effortless marketing ploys similar to keyword stuffing and linking to low-quality, spammy webpages.

Essentially, the only real way to gain an edge with Google is to put in the actual work and not rely on AI to do it.

Roofers, learn more about the appropriate use of AI in the full workshop episode on AI for marketing by clicking here and don’t forget to schedule a free marketing call with Chris at for more help!

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