These days, digital marketing accounts for most of the marketing that roofing companies use to bring in new leads that result in sales and new work.

Though most roofers invest in at least some digital marketing, it is important to understand that leads are not yet sales and need to be nurtured to convert them.

Surprisingly, one of the more critical lead nurturing techniques that really improves conversion rates is not actually a specific internet marketing method, but something much more basic.

It is so basic, that people have been using this technique since before roofers digital marketing became the main way for contractors to attract new business.

What Is It?

Tune in to this week’s 3-minute internet marketing video and find out.

Chris from discusses this simple, but often ignored digital marketing technique that increases ROI exponentially and allows roofers to land more sales from cold leads that need a little more encouragement.

It easily resolves the main problem that continuously costs roofers the jobs they want and need - and Chris presents a number of options for doing it.

Effective digital marketing for roofers is essential for contractors to grow their roofing businesses by getting more leads.

A critical part of that internet lead marketing is the nurturing that happens after a lead comes in.

Though hot leads sometimes convert themselves, the cooler leads can still be converted when approached the right way.

Learn this essential and incredibly simple secret that so many roofers have been ignoring in just a few minutes and start benefiting today!

Need Help With Lead Nurturing?

For roofers who agree with this tip and want to do something about it but need some help, Chris is developing a new digital marketing program specifically for that.

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