As frustrating as it might be, a Google fact that every person working in SEO for roofing contractors knows is that Google is constantly changing its search algorithm.

Though these changes are always to improve Google’s ability to serve high-quality pages to searchers who use the search engine, they can create havoc for roofing company owners and the SEO strategies that they are currently working with, trying to get the best results for their websites.

Once again, Google has unrolled another search engine update and while this tends to happen many times each year, some of their SEO updates are more important than others.

In this case, they have made some changes that roofing company owners working out their SEO strategies should pay attention to so they understand what has changed and what must be done to maintain, if not improve, their results within the search engines.

What Has Google Changed This Time?

In its latest algorithm update, Google seems to be doubling down on its E.E.A.T (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) SEO ranking factors, with an even greater focus on that first E.

User experience and engagement as a ranking factor is now more important than ever.

Additionally, Google has now begun adding ranking factors around AI content, which may start affecting SEO strategies for roofers ;and the use of AI-generated content in the near future.

How Will This Affect SEO Strategies for Roofers?

Though it is still unclear as to how the factors for AI-generated content will affect current SEO strategies for roofers, many SEO experts believe that because AI leaves detectable markers, the goal is for the Google algorithm to detect this content and rank it differently than human-generated content.

Combining this idea with the increased focus on E.E.A.T, it is clear that Google is once again stressing the importance of organic search for roof companies and using effective white hat SEO techniques for generating good pagerank.

How Must Roofers Make These Changes?

Chris from explains the new changes and how roofers can avoid the pitfalls by using very effective and results-oriented SEO strategies in this month’s information-packed SEO workshop for roofing contractors.

Stay Relevant No Matter How Google Changes

The most important takeaway for roofers of this month’s hour-long SEO strategy workshop is that Google is always focused on ranking the best pages that most effectively demonstrate the key factors of E.E.A.T.

Recognizing this, roofers who want to future-proof their pagerank must use the SEO strategies that will always get them maximum recognition by the search algorithm.

From on-site optimization and optimized landing page creation to the importance of creating well-written, valuable, and original blog content for roofers, Chris goes over the techniques that will withstand Google’s many changes and how those just learning about roofing companySEO techniques can fine-tune them.

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