Artificial intelligence programs like Chat GPT are taking the internet and the marketing world by storm lately.

Used correctly, AI can be a helpful digital marketing tool for busy roofers, but not in all of the ways one may think.

Effective business marketing requires developing an effective marketing strategy and this is where the limitations of AI become more obvious.

Before believing it is possible to strategize a profitable marketing plan using artificial intelligence, think again!

An Evolving Strategy Is Essential For Successful Digital Marketing

An effective marketing strategy is something that every roofer must develop on their own, based on their own individual business.

Every roofing company’s strategy will be a little bit different according to the company’s goals and successes as well as how current marketing techniques are working out for them over time.

As the Google algorithm gets changed many times each year, so must every business owner’s efforts change with it to continue reaching new customers.

Based on this practical understanding, it’s important to realize that part of the methodology of a good marketing strategy is that it will change continuously.

The Truth About AI And Strategy

A big mistake that many business owners are currently making with their marketing is thinking that ChatGPT and other AIs can somehow come up with the perfect marketing strategy for them to follow.

The problem with this line of thinking is that while AI learns from other users, it takes some time for it to do that.

As fast and frequently as Google changes its algorithm, relying on AI to decide what marketing strategies should be used cannot happen fast enough.

Roofers who trust AI to help them create an effective marketing strategy will simply get left in the dust while their competitors surpass them by attracting all those local customers needing services!

Watch This Video About Strategy and The Use of AI

This Roofer Growth Hacks video clip with Chris from discusses how AI should and should not be used when developing a marketing strategy, and why roofers need to keep updating their strategy using human intelligence only.

Use AI As The Tool It Was Meant To Be When Developing Marketing Strategies

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence tools can make marketing easier for roofing company owners, but they must be utilized in the right ways.

AI can be instrumental in streamlining marketing tasks to make them all more efficient.

Yet when it comes to developing an individual and fluid marketing strategy, this is where roofers must understand their goals as well as how to reach them and put the effort in on their own.

A successful strategy supported with AI tools to work smarter, and not harder, is the ideal solution.

Learn more about how to use AI tools for digital marketing in the full AI marketing workshop which can be viewed here.

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