The chief job of every roofer’s website is to convert leads.

As simple as that sounds, many roofers working on their website SEO don’t see this happening for one important reason.

People who reach a roofer’s website go there because they need something and if they don’t find what they are looking for right away, the chance that they will leave rises considerably.

What is the solution?

Roofing SEO research says it is all in having a simplified web page header!

Simple Headers Convert More Sales

The header is the first thing that any potential customer sees when visiting a roofer’s website.

In just a few seconds, an SEO optimized header can either let that person know they have come to the right place or confuse them with too much information and increase the chance of that person leaving and searching elsewhere.

Marketing experts agree that the number one thing that any roofer can do to increase their conversions is to just optimize and simplify their website header.

A simple and effective header should give site visitors the key information they need to know in a mere three seconds.

What Information Should An Optimized Header Contain?

Most business owners do realize that the header is one of the first things people will see when they click on their website.

What they may not understand is that from an SEO marketing perspective, less is more when it comes to what information needs to be in the website header.

Instead, many people attempt to cram all sorts of supposedly-important details into their headers like long business descriptions, cute tag lines or mission statements, and other facts that are not actually serving the purpose that people believe they are.

So, what is the only information that should be included on an SEO optimized website header so that it better fulfills its role as a lead converter?

Believe it or not, there are only three things that should be in that all-important space!

Learn The 3 Simple Things Needed In a Website Header!

In this week’s roofing SEO marketing video, Chris from reveals the 3 critical bits of information that belong in every website header and why simplicity is the key to converting more leads!

One Simple Change Can Help Roofers Make More Sales

The point of investing in SEO marketing is to create websites and content that draw in more potential customers and then convert them.

Over-complicated website headers work against that effort, sending those potential customers away before they can convert.

Roofers who make this one simple change to their websites can increase the chance that incoming leads stay a while and eventually become new sales.

Learn more about website headers and get other valuable SEO marketing tips for roofing contractors by visiting and scheduling a free lead flow session with Chris.

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